Tuesday, September 25, 2007

KW T2000

Often imitated, never equaled, the T2000 sets new standards in aerodynamics, performance and driver comfort. Built primarily for over-the-road application, it's design uses new millennium materials and technologies to help maximize operator profit. Advanced composite materials, weight saving components and leading edge aerodynamics blend together to push the limits of fuel economy and boost vehicle carrying capacity.

The T2000's spacious interior offers drivers style, comfort and an ergonomic cab design to help reduce operator fatigue. Luxurious amenities and intelligent use of space combine to improve the quality of life on the road.

The T2000, like all Kenworth products, is designed to be exceptionally reliable and easy to service. The T2000 incorporates improved access for routine and preventative maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The T2000�s superior aerodynamics, light weight design, and enduring residual values combine to make the T2000 a high-value real world solution to your transportation needs.


* Engine sizes from 13-liter to 15-liter
* Accommodates up to 600 horsepower engines
* Front axles from 12,000 to 14,600 lb ratings,
* Rear axles from 23,000-lb single to 46,000-lb tandems
* Set-back front axle provides optimum wheel cut and weight distribution
* 59-inch taperleaf springs for a smooth ride
* Aerodynamic, light-weight design for optimum fuel economy and maximum carrying capacity
* Sloped hood, large windshield and DAYLITE Doors for improved visibility
* Integrated, wide open cab/sleeper design
* 7-foot-wide cab with 30 inches between the seats for driver comfort

Sleeper Options
* Kenworth offers multiple sleeper options to match driver/fleet requirements: 75-inch AERODYNE
* 60-inch AERODYNE
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