Friday, April 29, 2016

Kroger executives stock

everal executives took part in recent insider activity for the stock. Its Director SARGENT RONALD sold 3000 company shares for $114300, in a transaction on 08/04/2016. Following the transaction, the Director is left with a stake of 71240 shares, currently valued at $2558940.8. Meanwhile, Executive Vice President DONNELLY MICHAEL JOSEPH divested 10000 shares worth $390000, through a transaction dated 06/04/2016. Following the completion of the transaction, the insider is left with a stake of 218583 shares, amounting $7851501.36. KR Vice President & Controller, VAN OFLEN MARY ELIZABETH also disposed of 12000 shares, at a stock price of $38.75. This transaction occurred on 06/04/2016 totals $465000. After this transaction, the insider’s stake stands at 70665 shares, with a market value of $2538286.8.

Insiders own 0.5 percent of the stock. MCMULLEN W RODNEY is one of the largest insider shareholders in The Kroger Co., according to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. The insider owns 2250407 shares which have current market value of around $80834619.44. DILLON DAVID B is another major inside shareholder in the company. The insider owns 923853 shares as of 01/10/2014, currently worth $33184799.76. SCHLOTMAN J MICHAEL is ranked as third insider holder of the stock. This insider holds 358282 shares with a market value around $12869489.44 as of recent close